Krystal Resort Complaints Reduction Team Discusses the Problem of Unresolved Complaints

Krystal Resort Complaints Reduction Team knows it is very important to do its job well in order to ensure a positive and memorable guest experience. Complaints are a part of business, yet it is important to immediately satisfy a guest’s needs if they are complaining about anything. The Krystal Resort Complaints Reduction Team will have to work much harder in the future if the complaints are not resolved now.

What Can Happen

There are many things that can happen if the complaints of a guest are not resolved the first time. The repercussions of not resolving a guest’s complaints can and will impact the number of complaints in the future, as well as serving to damage the hotel or resort’s reputation.

  • If a guest complaint is not resolved, they are more likely to tell others about the negative experiences that they had. Research has shown that people who have a bad experience will tell ten people about that experience compared to one person that tells others about a positive experience.
  • The internet gives people who complain a new avenue for sharing their negative experiences. If the complaint reaches the Internet, there is no telling how many people will see or hear about it.
  • Guests will not book with a hotel or resort that has bad reviews. They will look for somewhere else they think they will have an enjoyable and complaint-free time at.

How to Fix It

Krystal Resort Complaints Reduction Team knows that this problem can be fixed by making sure that all complaints are resolved properly. This will reduce the amount of complaints by guests in the future, because changes have been made to correct the problems that guests have had in the past.


Krystal Resort Complaints Prevention Team Describes Their Initiative

Krystal Resort complaints prevention team understands that guests at a hotel are not always happy about the experience they are having. When they have a problem, they may want to tell someone in the hotel about the problem. The hope when they complain about something is that it will be resolved in a way that makes them happy. Hotels and resorts have procedures in place that help deal with guest complaints. What the guests do not realize is that they also have a complaints reduction team in place to help prevent the complaints from happening in the first place.

The role of this team is to find ways to keep problems from occurring to guests. The Krystal Resort complaints reduction team does not ignore the guests that complain. Instead they use the complaints that they do hear about to make improvements so that they do not occur again.

  • Comment cards – These can be left in rooms for guests to fill out. The information that is gathered can be done anonymously and that allows many guests to voice problems that they had.
  • Surveys – Surveys can be sent to guests to find out how their stay was. The results can be used to fix issues that are learned through the surveys that are returned.
  • Questions – If a guest has complained about something and are still staying at the hotel, a follow up question can help reduce future complaints. Krystal Resort complaints prevention team knows that this is another way to gather the information to keep the complaints from happening in the future.

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